A top interior designer of over 30 years, Edward Bulmer poured his experience and vast knowledge into creating Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. The brand’s mission is to create a luxury palette of paints that not only look good but feel good too, through using only time-honoured natural pigments from sustainable sources. Here, Edward Bulmer discusses the inspiration behind the brand and their plans for the future…

What inspired you to create Edward Bulmer Natural Paint? 

Working at Goodwood I was asked to use only healthy and environmentally responsible materials. I chose natural paint as modern emulsion paints are synthetic acrylic formulations that are based on fossil fuels – neither healthy nor environmentally responsible!

How is your paint sustainable? 

By using natural ingredients and ‘gentle chemistry’ we produce paints that are not polluting to make and be returned to the earth at end of life

What are the advantages of using your natural paints in the home?

They are beautiful and all carefully finally related so they can be used in combination. The formulations are microporous or ‘breathable’ so they regulate moisture in the air, protecting the building from rot and the occupant from poor air quality.

How is your paint better for the environment than paints from other brands?

We have a carbon footprint lower than any other company reporting. On average, annually our carbon footprint is equivalent to just 6 UK citizens.

What are your favourite paint colours? 

Ones that have the tonality you get with earth pigments which are beautifully flattering. My own favourites are greeny blues.

How do you help customers choose paint colours for their home?

Through asking them about their project and what they hope for. After that our experience as interior designers cuts in and we offer colours that we know will work.


To find out more about Edward Bulmer Natural Paint‘s sustainability journey view the brand film here. The brand’s showroom is located at 194 Ebury St, SW1W 8UP. For more information visit www.edwardbulmerpaint.co.uk.